Thursday, March 26, 2009

the stillness.

the whistle of the wind was entering my window that night
as our dirty hands found one another, as my head laid upon your chest
we wrote our dreams on scraps of paper and sent it into the dark
while the silence filled the room and the only sound was your heart beat
and the stillness of my head moving slightly on your chest 
our forgetful minds sometimes forget


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Train Arrives at 11:30
The Train leaves at 11:45

She stood there, with her pathetic suitcase filled with three shirts, two pairs of pants, and a journal. She stood there with her pathetic suitcase beside her waiting for the train. She arrived at 11:15 in hopes of the new beginning to happen soon. It was a cold but a sunny winter day and the Train would arrive in 15 minutes. In 15 minutes she would be boarding a train to a new life. Her heart beat faster with the anticipations of forgetting a world that seemed to be forgetting about her happiness. A glance at her watch, it read 11:20. So close she could taste it, how strange it felt to be waiting for something so simple as a train. 11:26 is when everything changed, not 11:45. 

She stood there with her pathetic suitcase filled with three shirts, two pairs of pants, and a journal. She stood there with her pathetic suitcase glancing at her watch waiting for time to go. She saw the minute hand on her watch change from 11:25 to 11:26 and that is when the Silence came. There amongst the noise, that comforting noise, a Silence fell into her ears. Not any silence, not the silence you hear when you walk into a quiet room, that silence with that annoying buzz. This silence was so pure, so real. At 11:30 the silence continued but the train pulled into the station. She stood there, her ears clogged with one of the most real sounds she had heard in her lifetime. There, on the Edge of everything that ever was and on the edge of everything that could be a stranger named silence walked in. This stranger unpacked the world and the memories of what was, This stranger unpacked a world of everything that could be. At 11:40 she had a choice. 

There was a pathetic suitcase filled with three shirts, two pairs of pants and a journal. There in the Train station at 11:46 was a Lonely suitcase filled with someone's world. There in a Train station where the Train had already left was a Lonely suitcase and a sense of wonder. At 11:50 a stranger walked by and saw a piece of paper attached to the pathetic lonely suitcase. He picked it up and read the three lines upon it:

"If you could would you erase it? 
and then, the silence came. 
Thats when everything changed."


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Narration.

As we starred up into the night sky we imagined our bodies light years away from here
While all the wishes we made were on nothing but the traffic that was in the sky that night
My vision was incapable of focusing on one thing, I wanted to take it all in, I wanted it to last
We had left the last gas station in that god forsaken town hours ago
 and I never wanted to look back
There was nothing between us and the inevitable darkness that surrounded us
And yet something told us to stop that night between the stop sign and those dark woods
As we each imagined a new life for us built up in tents outside of this place, outside of here
We envisioned our elders possessing our skin that night
 wondering what they would imagine for themselves
Watching them as their dreams disintegrated and fell away
 into normal habits of the everyday human being
All of us stood there watching where youth faded and wisdom fell into your hands 
But something brought us back from those moments of insanity
as we felt the beauty rush in once more
We all watched as the town we had called home had shrunk right before our eyes 
The driveway never made me feel more alive


Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter Passing, Spring Blooms

The Bench down by the coin operated laundry mat was our favorite spot
As you allowed your hands to form into shadowed animals upon the walls
I always felt as though we had an audience, you always enjoyed that feeling
The dog chasing the rabbit was the classic choice, as my child like heart grows old
This bench is beginning to have its wear on me as I begin to feel the distance settle in