Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Narration.

As we starred up into the night sky we imagined our bodies light years away from here
While all the wishes we made were on nothing but the traffic that was in the sky that night
My vision was incapable of focusing on one thing, I wanted to take it all in, I wanted it to last
We had left the last gas station in that god forsaken town hours ago
 and I never wanted to look back
There was nothing between us and the inevitable darkness that surrounded us
And yet something told us to stop that night between the stop sign and those dark woods
As we each imagined a new life for us built up in tents outside of this place, outside of here
We envisioned our elders possessing our skin that night
 wondering what they would imagine for themselves
Watching them as their dreams disintegrated and fell away
 into normal habits of the everyday human being
All of us stood there watching where youth faded and wisdom fell into your hands 
But something brought us back from those moments of insanity
as we felt the beauty rush in once more
We all watched as the town we had called home had shrunk right before our eyes 
The driveway never made me feel more alive


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